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Open Hardware Monitor icon Monitor PC hardware when it comes to temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and clock speeds using this straightforward and approachable tool

Hardware failures happen every now and then, so it's indicated to attempt to to prevent such events using specialized software. Open Hardware Monitor is a straightforward program that displays various technical details regarding the state of your computer, thus giving you an upper hand to foreseeing HDD issues.

Simple interface and options

Based on a regular window with a simple structure, the app has a simple interface, making it easy to handle by all users.

As mentioned, the application monitors the temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and clock speeds for your hardware components, namely the processor, memory and hard disk.

Thus, for the processor you may view the clock speeds, temperatures, load and power, while for the memory you can find out the total load and the used memory. The hard drive comes with data regarding the temperature and the used space. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

View and export data to file

The app provides this information in a simple way by giving you the current value and the maximum reached value in a separate column, making it easy to compare the two numbers. Reports can be saved to disk to TXT format, making it easy to track the state of the computer over time.

Evaluation and conclusion

Open Hardware Monitor can be set to launch at system startup and to open up minimized in the system tray, so it becomes non-intrusive and doesn't interrupt your regular activity on the PC.

All in all, Open Hardware Monitor is a great tool that can be quite useful if you want to avoid problems with the computer. Less experienced users shouldn’t have any troubles while installing and working with this program, thanks to its overall simplicity.

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Open Hardware Monitor was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu

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Open Hardware Monitor 0.8.0 Beta

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