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Microsoft is rethinking its mobile strategy in a manner that makes more sense on the long term, and since its very own phone platform bit the dust, the company is also changing the focus of several projects.

One of them is Office Mobile for Windows 10, a set of apps that allowed users to run the productivity suite on devices like Windows 10 Mobile phones.

Launched as UWP apps, Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 also supported tablets powered by Microsoft’s operating system.

However, given the current state of Windows phones and the existing adoption of Windows 10 on tablets, Microsoft is planning to give up on Office Mobile, choosing instead to concentrate on Android and iOS versions of the productivity suite.

OneNote UWP to survive

The loss isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. Windows 10 Mobile is already close to extinction, and the platform only receives security updates in maintenance mode until it eventually goes dark completely in mid-2019. On PC, users who want to run Office still have the desktop version of the suite, which comes with a more advanced feature package anyway.

Microsoft switching the focus to Android and iOS isn’t by any means surprising, especially because these two platforms have become the company’s priority in terms of the mobile push.

The software giant has made it clear that it wants its users to be able to access its services regardless of the operating system and device they use, and investing in the Android and iOS ecosystem is the only way to go given that Windows 10 Mobile is already dead.

The UWP version of OneNote will be the only one to survive, as it’ll be included in the Office 2019 suite on the desktop. OneNote UWP replaces OneNote 2016 for the desktop, becoming the default offering in Office 2019 on Windows 10. Furthermore, Office 2019 is a Windows 10-exclusive product and no other version of Windows is supported.

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